Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time Management

Time Management
I am going to discuss my time management around my study in massage therapy. I will discuss how my time management effects me at present and how I can change my time management to better my studies. I will talk about my strengths and how these strengths relate to my time management and I will talk about what aspects of time management I need to work on. Lastly I will talk about the steps I need to take in order to have better time management while studying.
One of my current strengths in time management is that I always use a diary. I structure my day from when it starts in the morning until when I get home in the evening. I use the same diary for all my commitments so I can have a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly over-view of my timetable. By using the same diary I can see everything that I need to do. My diary involves my personal training hours which can vary between 6am-8pm, it involves our block courses for study and any practical massage I do outside of these hours. When I find space in my diary, I'll use that space for my assignments, checking e-mails, reading blogs and other study commitments that I have. I do not always schedule study hours in my diary because my work hours are different every week. At present I study when I have spare time.
Another strength I have is that I can adjust very easily to change. So if our timetables were to change or our due dates for assignments change, I don't get thrown off course. My job involves constant change which is great practice for my study.
What aspects of time management I need to work on
The aspects of time management I need to work on are procrastination, distractions and justification. I'm very good at procrastinating and doing my assignments on the day that they need to be submitted. I'm also very good at studying on the morning of an anatomy assessment and studying the day before a biology test. The reasons why I do this last minute study are I'm busy with work, I can't find the time or I'm just a procrastinator. I love being able to spend time with family and friends and if I can do something else instead of study; I'll commit to the something else and not the study.
I will create distractions for myself, and sometimes I see myself doing it deliberately. It seems like I have a built-in rebellion that doesn't want to study when I could. Which leads me onto justification.
I will come up with reasons why I deserve to do something else other my study. I'm aware that if I work on these issues, I will have more free time to do other lifestyle commitments.
Managing my time management
I need to start my assignments earlier so I can have time to check them and change them if I need to. By doing this I'll have more free time for other commitments and I won't be under so much pressure. I do see the benefits if I commit to starting my assignments early. I also need to schedule more study time in my diary, instead of waiting for the last minute to study, so I can take my time studying. I've realized I need to change my attitude towards study and look at it as something I enjoy rather than looking at it as though its a chore.

I have discussed my present time management and the strengths I have relating to my time management. I have also discussed what areas I need to work on in my time management and what steps I can take in order to meet these new challenges.

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