Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sustainability to massage

I am going to discuss sustainability in massage therapy and how sustainability relates to our profession, to ourselves and to our clients. I will briefly talk about how sustainability to massage effects our community and the relationships that our clients have with others. I will be discussing massage and enviromental sustainability, massage and human sustainability, massage and social sustainability and massage and economic sustainability.

Massage and enviromental sustainability
In massage therapy lighting, heating and electricity are regular costs we need to account for to maintain a safe massage practice. To help protect the enviroment we could dry our linen out-side or on a clothes-rack inside, instead of using a clothes dryer for drying linen. We could use the cheapest most affordable kind of heating that doesn't cause harm to our ourselves, our client or the enviroment. We need to stay aware of what materials we use in massage therapy and how that may affect the enviroment that we live in. Choosing healthy oils and waxes would cause less harm to the enviroment.
Massage and human sustainability
As a massage therapist we can support our client's into better healthy living by educating them about their body. We can encourage therapeutic exercises, body awareness and good health & well-being. Massage can reduce pain in the body thus giving the individual relief. There are many benefits to receiving massage for an individual and these benefits affect their future and their daily living. Massage also affects how an individual feels about themselves. Massage helps clean out toxins from the body. Massage is one way in which an individual can create self-care. As humans we need to be able to give ourselves the best in order to maintain healthy living. We also need continual individual maintenance by regularly up-dating our personal life skills, education and health care.
Massage and social sustainability
Maintaining social capital by working along the basic guidelines and expectations of massage therapy in NZ. Working as a team to help other massage therapists in their business as well as in our own business. Being a productive part of the community and joining together to help others is social sustainability. Sharing knowledge within the wider community about our experience in massage therapy and being open to receiving knowledge also. Adding to the greater whole is social sustainability which involves cooperation amongst and within the community. Massage can enhance a client's social sustainability because massage has such a positive effect on an individuals thinking, behavior and lifestyle changes, therefore helping them be part of the greater whole and contributing in the community more.
Massage and economic sustainability
Economic sustainability includes being able to cover all the costs of massage and creating interest also. Having affordable massage available to clients. Being considerate of other massage therapists and how they conduct their business. The room needs to be kept warm for the client's health so heating the room up before massage is essential to good massage practice, we need to be sure that our expenses are less than our incomings.

I have covered sustainability within massage therapy and how it affects our profession, ourselves and our clients. I have also talked about the effects it has on the enviroment and our community.

McQuillan, D. (2009). Sustainability of Massage. Retrieved 18/5/09 from

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