Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Assessment Task 2

Hi my name is Andrea Wereta. I am from New Zealand. I live in St Clair, Dunedin. I love playing sport such as touch rugby and I enjoy the outdoors. I have some experience in sports massage and therapeutic massage. I am interested in studying massage because I am intrigued with the human body and how it works. I have had injuries from sport and think that regular massage would be an assett to me. I am currently a Personal Trainer and the more things I know about the body, the better it would be for myself and my clients. I already have potential clients for massage and I am looking at setting up another business from home after I graduate.


  1. Hi Andrea Assess. task 2 complete thanks and good to get your name appearing as your blog title

  2. The "story of stuff" I wouldn't know where to start? I got thinking about some of things she said and I also got a little annoyed. I see a lot of truth in what she said, yet I think she is generalizing, assuming and exagerating. Not everyone falls into that trap and not everyone is into materal things or greed. I know people who are aware of that ugly selfish system and they do their part in giving to the person who actually made the item. There are shops like "trade aid" where the $ goes directly to the person who made it. I could be on the wrong track too so please fill me in if I am? I'm always open to positive criticism. In some ways she didn't teach me anything and at the same time it's ok that I watched it too. I think I'm a bit mixed about the whole thing.